Hydro-geochemical Characterization of Water Springs of the Aurès region. (North-eastern Algeria)

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J. Mater. Environ. Sci.
The origin of the salinity of the Cretaceous and Pliocene-Quaternary aquifers of the Aurès region presents a challenge for the exploitation and mobilization of groundwater resources. In this region; people can estimate the quality of groundwater, via samples taken in wells, boreholes and in the springs. Evaporation, endorheic basin nature, population growth and expansion of irrigated areas are natural and anthropogenic stresses that can lead to salinization of water bodies. A multidisciplinary approach integrating hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and multivariate statistical analysis was undertaken to characterize and control the mechanisms of water mineralization. The main natural geochemical processes involved in the acquisition of the salinization are related to the interactions between the rocks and the water (dissolution of evaporite minerals), the cation exchange and evaporation.