Gestion intégrée de la zone humide d'El Mahmel

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract This work was based on a wetland called "Sbikha" of the municipality El Mahmel (wilaya of Khenchela). More precisely, the area belongs to the complex of wetlands of the southern Constantine's high plains. We've made some studies about the difficulties related to both physical environment and socio-economic aspects. We tried to highlight great richness and diversity of fauna and flora, especially when it comes to bird species diversity in our study area. We relayed on data derived from (outreach projects for integrated rural development) and we applied it into our studies as an integrated management tool. And despite the lack in terms of data we could come up with some evaluations. This approach allowed us to suggest helpful ways to manage preserving natural resources and dealing with the inhabitants poverty of the study area.