Investigating Learners’ Views on The Effectiveness of Private Schools in Enhancing Their Level The Case Study of 4th Year Middle Students of Private School Awras El-Mostakbal.

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Abstract This study is intend to investigate teachers’ and students’ perspectives and beliefs concerning the effectiveness of private school in Khenchla city in 0 enhancing learners’ level. It aim mainly to answer the following questions : Do teachers and students find circumstances of private school more benificial and effective in enhancing learners’ level ? I have hypothsized that teachers and students have positive views concerning the impact of private school in improving learners’ level in the school. To verify our hypothesis , we have conducted two questionnaires as suitable tools for our research which were administred to both teachers and Fourth year of private schools in the city of Khenchla, who have been chosen randomly during the academic year 2017 / 2018. Teachers’ questionnaire is composed of twelve questions administered to fourteen teachers of different modules, and students’ qustionnaire is consisted of seventeen questions presented to a group of fifty students. Both questionnaires dealt with the different aspects and issues of factors and its relationship with students in the private school. The results of the present study revealed that private school can be considered as an effective education for learners. That is to say there is a positive and effective correlation between private school and students’ level in the classroom. This study also proposed a number of suggestions and recommendations for futur research .