Coupled effect of variable Winkler–Pasternak foundations on bending behavior of FG plates exposed to several types of loading

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This study attempts to shed light on the coupled impact of types of loading, thickness stretching, and types of variation of Winkler–Pasternak foundations on the flexural behavior of simply- supported FG plates according to the new quasi– 3D high order shear deformation theory, including integral terms. A new function sheep is used in the present work. In particular, both Winkler and Pasternak layers are non-uniform and vary along the plate length direction. In addition, the interaction between the loading type and the variation of Winkler–Pasternak foundation parameters is considered and involved in the governing equilibrium equations. Using the virtual displacement principle and Navier’s solution technique, the numerical results of nondimensional stresses and displacements are computed. Finally, the non-dimensional formulas’ results are validated with the existing literature, and excellent agreement is detected between the results. More importantly, several complementary parametric studies with the effect of various geometric and material factors are examined. The present analytical model is suitable for investigating the bending of simply-supported FGM plates for special technical engineering applications.