L’établissement des périmètres de protection des ouvrages de captage des eaux souterraines (El Hamma)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Water is a raw material of great importance for the survival of human beings and their environment. Population growth in the Khenchela region necessitates a growing need for water. This work consists in determining the protection perimeters of some wells located in the Remila plain aquifer. Three wells located in the plain of Remila were chosen to carry out this study. Three perimeters were made for each one (immediate, influence and distant protection zones) using the Wyssling method and then using the Zappel software. Or we have been able to make representation maps on Google Earth. The results obtained show lengths of the zones of influence in upstream at wells vary between 226 and 471m for the immediate perimeter, between 277 and 752m for the close perimeter and lengths of 599 to 1249m for the distant perimeter. The areas of these immediate perimeters are of the order of 10 to 58 ha, they are of 19 to 116 ha for the close perimeters and 39 to 232 ha for the distant perimeters. The cartographic approach shows that the protection perimeters of the three boreholes does not contain any industrial activity or municipal discharge menaces the waters of the wells at the present time, nevertheless some agricultural and pasture practices which are found in the immediate perimeters require continuous control.