Educational Strategies for Teaching English as Foreign Language at Primary School: Teachers practices and difficulties.

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Abstract This research aims at investigating the importance of effective educational strategies in promoting language acquisition in these early years according to teachers’ attitudes. In addition, this research addresses the practical challenges and difficulties teachers may face when implementing these strategies. To collect data a questionnaire and interview were used, a teachers’ questionnaire was distributed to 35 primary teachers and pupils’ interview that was answered by 30 students from both 3rd and 4th years. And both quantitative and qualitative methods were used. Henceforth, the findings showed that for the teachers, most of the methods like, games, songs, pictures, using simple words to explain the lessons, play role, they practiced were suitable for children to learn the language, and they faced few difficulties due to the difference in the level of the students and the time as well, because it was not enough for them to teach the language. As for the students, they faced some confusion between the French and English languages and some difficulties in pronouncing the language. However, they learn it quickly and acquire new vocabulary every day. Also, this research aims to contribute to the field by providing practical guidance and recommendations for teachers, enabling them to create optimal language learning experiences for young students.