The African Free Trade Area Between Reality and Hope

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جامعة الجلفة
The African continent has witnessed a number of development efforts, including an attempt to achieve comprehensive development since the independence of its units. Some of the efforts have failed and others are subject to implementation. Despite the wealth of the African continent, most of its countries are witnessing a number of economic and social challenges and lie at the bottom of the ranking. The various annual reports issued by various regional and international institutions and bodies. With the birth of the African Union, Africans had a broader view towards achieving continental integration and integration in order to reach a common market and a unified currency. They also paid attention to improving African social conditions. Africans’ interest in economic and social development came through development programs. And he has set a set of goals that they aspire to achieve according to the time stages of the Abuja Agreement, leading to an African Free Trade Area, but what the eight economic groupings approved by him have achieved is not considered sufficient, but the Africans have gone beyond achieving the Abuja stages and decided to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area.