The Effectivness of Social Media in Promoting Interaction in EFL classroom Case Study of Third Year LMD English Students at University of Abbess Laghror Khenchela

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Abstract Our modest research aimed at exploring the use of social media in EFL classroom and its effectivness in promoting interaction for students. The present work invistigate the importance of social media with its concepts communication, collaboration,sharing) in motivate and promoting interaction in EFL classroom with both types (teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction) .The hypothesis adopted in this study sets out that using social media in EFL classes will enhance student's interaction and promote them to participate ,where their difficulties can be traced .the research method adopted for this piece of work was purely descriptive, which explains that its aim is to describe the effectivness of social media in promoting interaction in EFL classroom. The required data were gathered through self-completion questionnaires administrated to 3rd year students of English ,as well as their teachers at the intensive language teaching university of Abbes Laghror khenchela. The results obtained have shown that social media is an effective pedagogical tool for increasing learner's language use and fostering classroom participation wich in turn improves student's interaction .On the light of these results, the earlier stated hypothesis was successuffly confirmed in that enhancing interaction and language learning basically need to be accompained with social media as a first-aid technique to reduce collaboration and communication inside EFL students, and promoting interaction proficiency. On the basis of the results obtained ,some recommendation have been proposed to help students overcome their difficulties in order to promote interaction, and the use of social media in EFl classroom will promote interaction of students and facilate the way of teaching.