Ecologie des oiseaux d’eau de Sbkhet El-Mahmel, wilaya de Khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract This work focuses on the ecology of waterbirds in sebkhat El-Mahmel (Oued M'Barek, Khenchela) over three months of counting and monitoring (February, March and April). Our results show that this area hosted 17 species of waterbirds belonging to 8 families. The most diverse family is that of the Anatidae. with 7 species, one of which is in danger of extinction, White duck (Oxyura leucocephala). The evolution of the numbers of birds that. the Sebkha shows that the site is never empty, it is frequented by wintering species and other summer visitors. The maximum was recorded during the month of April (2872 individuals), this month also presenting a great and balanced diversity (Shannon 3.44). Behavioral analysis shows that the balance of the time budget of the activities of the birds of Sebkhat El Mahmel is dominated by food with 64%, which reveals the importance of the wetland as a feeding ground for aquatic avifauna Our study shows a great value in ornithology and allowed to update our knowledge on the aquatic avifauna of this wetland. This should encourage natural resource managers to quickly take appropriate measures for the local protection of this unique natural wetland in the region.