Contribution à l’étude de l’état écologique du Chott Tinsilt Wilaya d’Oum El-Bouaghi et de son avifaune

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract This work is a contribution to characterization and the evaluation of Chott Tinsilt (Wilaya of Oum El Bouaghi), through its avifauna. The study of this endoreic humid zone has permitted a characterization of both biotic and abiotic elements of the site. It also allowed us to have an overview on its importance for water’s birds. We have studied the abiotic characteristics of the site. Without arguing to the exhaustiveness, we have shed light on floristic and faunistic richness. The inventory has revealed the existence of 33 vegetal species, 67 animal species while 37 are invertebrates; 01 amphibian, 02 reptiles, 24 birds and 03 mammals. The repartition of avian species according to its environmental status (phenological categories), has shown the importance of the studied region in in the migratory system across the continent of Africa, and from this we have found 17 migrant species and 05 sedentary breeding species, in addition, a great preponderance of Palearctic species compared to the other origins, this reveal the fact of Algeria and Northern Africa take part of this huge region biogeographic. For the avifauna’s alimentary system, the dominance of polyphagia has been indicated with 62,5% (15 species).